Render Carrier Boards

VIVALDA offer the leading brands of high performance moisture resistant building boards.

Rainscreen Backer Boards provide fire protection, sound proofing and water resistance between the cladding panel and the building frame. Backer Boards are also known as sheathing or carrier boards and are an excellent alternative to CP boards. Rainscreen Backer Board can also be used to provide temporary protection to the structure whilst construction is underway. The sheathing boards are commonly fixed to timber or aluminium frames and installed with insulation, breather membrane and cladding is fixed on top.

Rainscreen backer boards have a Class 0 fire rating and offer resistance against extreme weather conditions such as frost, humidity and moisture. Backer boards are constructed to have excellent impact resistance due to the nature of the material. Cladding backer boards can be cut, drilled and worked with joinery machinery or a simple chop/jig saw with a TCT tipped blade. VIVALDA can fabricate the backer boards to any required size prior to delivery or collection.

VIVALDA supply all rainscreen backer boards including FERMACELL FIBREBOARD, CEMENT PARTICLE BOARD and WeatherKem.