Design with colours, graphics, textures and gloss levels. With STENI façade panels, the design possibilities are unlimited. Colour, texture, shine and patterns offer freedom in the creative process – combine the elements to give a building project its own unique identity.

With Steni façade panels, you can play with colours, colour combinations and surfaces and infuse the building with your personal style.

Why choose Steni?

  • Low-cost durability
  • 60 years warranty
  • Impact resistant
  • Water impermeable
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Easy to install
  • Frost resistant
  • Optional colours
  • Three gloss variations

Steni are originators and manufacturers of rigid sheet cladding panels and matching profiles in high performance composites, available in smooth coloured finish or with applied aggregate. The material is suitable for diverse applications and the product ranges are focused on particular needs, such as architectural exterior cladding, hygienic interior cladding and antislip flooring.

Steni´s wide range of colours and surfaces for high performance cladding systems, combined with other building materials such as glass, concrete, steel, aluminium and timber, provide unlimited possibilities for modern designs of building exteriors.

VIVALDA supplies all Steni external cladding panels including: STENI COLOUR, STENI NATURE and STENI VISION

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