Siniat Bluclad

VIVALDA now offers both Siniat Bluclad and Siniat Weather Defence boards as a model sheathing board with mositure resistant properties.


Bluclad from Siniat is a flat, vapour-permeable class 0 building board with outstanding dimensional stability.

Bluclad is the ideal board for weather-exposed areas and applications include external cladding, infill panels, internal wall lining, sheathing, fascias and bargeboards and half-timbered effects.

Classified as a calcium silicate board, Siniat Bluclad can be used as substrate for a variety of thin coat polymeric renders, textured finishes and other surface coatings. Bluclad boards can also be used to provide a seamless finish.

Bluclad is the leading render base board on the market with third party accreditation from the BRE providing a failsafe option to render installers. Complies with BS EN 15283 Type GM-H1, GM-I and GM-F.

  • Fully Combustible: with Euroclass A1 reaction to fire, ideal for sites with specific fire safety demands.
  • Easier handling, grip and installation: up to 33% lighter than Cement boards with a non slip textured finish.
  • No need for cutting area or power tools: can be cut anywhere by score and snap or used of a handsaw, with no dust.
  • No need for a breathable membrane: which saves on product and installation costs, enabling a faster build.

Siniat Weather Defence is another popular choice used widely as a sheathing board.




Board Dimensions


  • 2400 x 1200mm


  • 10mm


  • Front: Smooth
  • Back: Textured

Main Advantages

  • Class 0 fire rated
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Weather resistant
  • Sound insulating
  • Fungi, bacteria, vermins resistant
  • Easy to cut, work and decorate
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Environmentally friendly

Colour Specifications & Brochures

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