Technical & Site Support

Due to the number of sheet sizes provided by the various cladding manufacturers, VIVALDA staff will assist you by ensuring maximum board yield is attained. This carries real cost benefit and the most will be made out of the board size.

VIVALDA overcomes this problem by using the latest in optimisation software. This optimisation software calculates the best cutting method from the boards’ original sizes, minimising wastage and maximising board yield.

In this way they can respond faster to customer queries, since the software provides all the information they need for any job in a fraction of the time they would otherwise spend on manual calculations.

The software provides VIVALDA with the most advanced and comprehensive range of optimisers for saws and routers which is why VIVALDA cutting service can offer the following advantages:

  • Cut material costs
  • Reduce errors
  • Eliminate set up time
  • Ensure optimum design
  • Minimum wastage
  • Maximum yield