Technical & Site Support

Due to the number of sheet sizes provided by the various cladding manufacturers, VIVALDA staff will assist you by ensuring maximum board yield is attained. This carries real cost benefit and the most will be made out of the board size.

Technical guidance

VIVALDA’s knowledgeable staff can support your project with guidance on product lines, technical information, fixing systems and accessories such as insulation and fire barriers. Whether you are calling a local branch or require on-site assistance, our teams can give guidance on product suitability for different requirements such as proximity to coastal areas, budget range, building height or even aesthetics.

In addition, our staff can give guidance on the best type of fixing system for the project and information on the offsite prefixing fabrication we can offer.

VIVALDA offer assistance on site to guide your team on the handling, cleaning and fixing of cladding panels as outlined by the manufacturers. Likewise, they can be on hand to check the boards have been installed correctly.

Board optimisation

Once a product is chosen, VIVALDA can optimise the boards using advanced CAD software. Due to the varying number of sheet sizes provided by each cladding manufacturer this requires suitable calculations to get the most out of the product. This CAD optimisation software calculates the best cutting method from the boards’ original sizes and in turn minimises wastage and maximises board yield.

This software allows our dedicated VIVALDA staff to respond faster to customer queries, since the software provides all the information, they need for any job in a fraction of the time they would otherwise spend on manual calculations.