VIVALDA endeavours to offer the solution to all its customers' needs. With its bespoke service, panels are manufactured to suit clients’ specific requirements and delivered just in time for installation.

More than a distributor

VIVALDA are a privately owned supplier of all types of external façade cladding, framing, fixings and accessories. VIVALDA are more than just a traditional distributor, our service capabilities mean we can adhere to the specified product, or if the project has an open cladding specification, we can advise a suitable cladding panel to meet the visual and technical requirements.

Cut & CNC fabrication capabilities

VIVALDA offer computerised cutting facilities at all depot locations, for precision cut edges and specialist cutting such as rake/angled cuts, thin slat panel cuts or hand-held tool operations to create rounded corners and bevels. Our CNC machines operate from our larger depots offering precision edge details or pattern cut-outs using diamond bit laser-controlled tooling.

Widest product range available

VIVALDA is the UK’s number 1 supplier of cladding panels, building boards and fabrication services to the construction industry. Our range of decorative rainscreen cladding panels include laminate, fibre cement and aluminium decorative panels. VIVALDA are confident to find a product to match your requirements.

Delivery & logistics

Each VIVALDA branch is set up to offer a range of vehicles to facilitate different site deliveries, such as Moffett self-off-load or flatbed for crane off-load. VIVALDA deliver straight to a specified site when required, ensuring the products are supplied in perfect condition every step of the way.

One stop shop

VIVALDA are set up to guide you from the elevation drawing stage through to delivery. We are industry specialists with the widest range of products, offering technical guidance, site support, in house logistics and transport fleets and much more.

On-site training and assistance

VIVALDA offer assistance on site to guide your team on areas such as handling, cleaning and fixing cladding boards, as well as advise on how best to drill and cut panels on site if required. VIVALDA can supply the relevant manufacturer product information, installation guidelines and more.

Main benefits of VIVALDA

  • Product support & guidance
  • Complete quotation service
  • Provision samples & literature
  • Owned transport fleet
  • Technical guidance & support
  • Drawing estimation
  • Specification labelling
  • On-site training & support
  • Wide range of product
  • Over 20 years in industry
  • Independent supplier
  • More than a distributor
  • One stop shop
  • Extensive fabrication facilities
  • Board optimisation