Fundermax Max Exterior is a high-quality construction panel which is used especially for long-lasting balcony and facade claddings.

Fundermax Max Exterior panels are duromer high-pressure laminates (HPL) with extremely effective weather protection. This weather protection results from the use of double-hardened acrylic polyurethane resins. These cladding panels are produced in lamination presses that generate great pressures and high temperatures. Fundermax Max Exterior panels are labelled with the CE-Mark necessary for their use in building applications.

Fundermax Max Exterior is not only a facade panel for rear ventilated facades. The properties of the panel also qualify it for all other outdoor cladding applications.

Fundermax Max Exterior cladding panels consist of lengths of natural fibre – about 65% of the weight of the boards – and synthetic resins. The panels do not contain organic halogen (chlorine, fluorine, bromine etc) compounds. They contain neither asbestos nor wood preservatives (fungicide, pesticide etc) and are free from sulphur, mercury and cadmium. The precisely managed production processes have no negative effects whatsoever on the environment.

VIVALDA supplies all FunderMax external cladding panels range that includes 3 different models accordingly to the surface finishes: Fundermax Max Exterior F-QUALITY, Max Exterior NG/NM and Fundermax Max Exterior HEXA.