Types of Fixing System

There are three types of common fixing methods used to fix façade cladding panels back to a timber batten or aluminium rail substructure. First is Face Fix otherwise known as Through Fix or Visible Fix, this includes rivets or screw. The, Secret Fix or Concealed Fix which involves bonding the panels with recommended adhesive product systems. Finally there are also manufacturer specialist fixing systems, which include Mechanical Secret Fixing Systems using SFS thread cutting concealed screws or KIEL undercut anchor fixings. Nvelope, Kladfix and Plastestrip are the leading suppliers of rainscreen cladding frame and fixings in the UK.

Face Fix Systems

A ventilated façade can be constructed using different tested and certified framing systems, each with their own advantages in terms of aesthetics, installation and performance, to fix the cladding panels on a sub-frame. Cladding panels must be installed on a sub-frame of sufficient strength and permanent durability. Quality and/or treatment of the sub-frame must be in accordance with applicable building standards.

Screw fix to timber:

timber + screws

The easiest and most cost effective way of fixing decorative cladding is onto a tanelised timber substrate using mechanical fixings. These vandal resistant torx fixings can be powder coated to colour match the board and are generally used with a neoprene gasket as protection for the timber and to give a shadow line effect.

Rivet fix to aluminium subframe:


For a lightweight and low maintenance alternative to timber, decorative cladding can be fixed to an aluminium sub frame. The system is fully adjustable to accommodate even the most awkward and uneven scenario. It is available with cavity ranges from 50mm to 420mm allowing the consistent smooth lines cladding is known for.

Invisible Fix Systems

The ventilated façade system is a complete solution and entails the fixing of panels onto a sub-frame, which is fixed to the structural façade. VIVALDA provides framing systems for all the different ventilated façade systems including:

Mechanical Secret fix: Hangers, Rails and Screws:

hangers rails

To obtain clean looking uninhibited lines and contours, panels can be invisibly fixed. This is achieved using an aluminium framing system consisting of hangers fixed to the rear of the board. The system varies depending on the cladding panel used.

Adhesive fixing:


A cost effective alternative to secret fix using hangers and rails is invisible fixing using adhesive. You can achieve a similar clean seamless appearance using adhesive to either a timber or aluminium substrate. Adhesive can be used within a temperature range of +5 to +35 degrees with air humidity of not more than 75%. A bead of adhesive can be laid vertically in a strip along the cladding panel using a gun.

Specialist Fix Systems

VIVALDA offers a vast range of framing systems suitable to support any type of facade. Wall Cladding Framing Systems are fully engineered subframe systems constructed from modern high strength materials. Concealed fix (mechanical and structural bonding) and visible fix solutions are available.

Specialist Facade Secret Fix System, using aluminium hangers and screws

Trespa TS300: This system is ideally suited to quickly install large uninterrupted façade surfaces offering a grid with horizontal lines. Panels with a minimum thickness of 8 mm may be installed by fitting their profiled horizontal edges into continuous aluminium TS300 rails. Panel edges are designed to mask the aluminium profiles used to install the panels.

Trespa TS200: This system is designed for secret application of Trespa Meteon HPL rainscreen cladding facade panels using PTS fixings. TS200 consists of helping hand brackets and vertical panel profiles supporting TS200 rails/cleats. Trespa HPL panels are individually height adjustable using adjustable cleats. Panels can be adjusted individually. TS200 is designed exclusively for use with Trespa Meteon.

Equitone Mechanical Secret Fix: This system is suited to panels with a minimum thickness of 12 mm, such as Equitone Natura, Natura Pro, Natura +, Textura and Pictura. Hangers are fixed to the rear of the cladding panel, the hangers hook into horizontal rails, in turn, fixed to vertical P.T.D. rails.

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