An autoclaved fibre cement sheet which is manufactured from a mixture of cement, organic fibres, fillers and water.

Cedral Weatherboard fibre cement offers both contemporary and flexible design options, and is used by many architects and homeowners to create stunning facades.  The simple combination of wood cellulose, sand, synthetic fibres, water and cement make fibre cement one of the most environmentally friendly and comprehensive building products available.

The material’s multi-layered fibre structure supports the cement and other elements, which gives it impressive strength, and means that it can be far thinner than concrete.

Cedral Lap can be supplied in a range of 21 factory applied colours and 2 wood stain finishes providing an aesthetic option to suit most project requirements.

Cedral Click and Cedral Click Smooth finishes can be supplied in a range of 10 factory applied colours. Other colours within the range, bespoke colours and Cedral Click Smooth are subject to minimum order quantities and extended lead times.

Cedral is BBA certified and has a fire rating of A2-s1, d0