VIVALDA Products

At VIVALDA we specialise in external façade cladding. That’s what we do, and have done for over 15 years.

The market has grown over the years to include a wide range of cladding brands and types, all with their own finishes, colours and make-up. VIVALDA offers all the leading brands in the UK and can advise in an independent and unbiased manner. VIVALDA also offers the various different types and brands of framing systems, that enable the cladding panels to be fixed to the building’s substructure.

Within the façade build up, behind the cladding panels, it’s common to find sheathing boards, sometimes known as cement particle boards or building boards. Their purpose is to strengthen the lightweight steel frame racking structure and add acoustic, fire and weather protection and also to offer a flat surface to adhere insulation to. VIVALDA supplies the differing types of boards to suit the building’s construction.

The final piece in the jigsaw for the application of rain screen or decorative cladding are the use of fire barriers. These sit between floors on tall buildings to stop the spread of flame in case of a fire.