VIVALDA Transport Fleet

VIVALDA operates its own vehicles. These range from 26 tonne curtain siders with Moffett off-load facilities for larger loads, to smaller curtain siders for inner city space limited sites and flatbed vehicles for crane off-loads.

We employ our own drivers, equipped with mobile phones, to enable prompt responses and re-routing as required, dependant on time and load on board.

Our drivers are used to site conditions and have full PPE safety gear. They are familiar with the requirements for off-loading safely and liaising with banksmen and fixing contractors on site.

If you have any special conditions for your deliveries, it is essential to inform your branch in writing or with your order so that the branch can plan the appropriate vehicle and equipment as required. Our delivery runs are planned at least a day or two in advance using the most efficient routes, to ensure time in traffic and CO2 emissions are kept to a minimum.