VIVALDA are proud to be the UK’s number 1 distributor of Trespa panels.

Trespa International is a world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of high performance, high quality panels for exterior cladding and decorative facades. Using proprietary technologies for the production of exceptionally durable products, Trespa strives to set new high standards in building designs. Trespa panels meet key safety and environmental standards for building projects. Trespa materials are manufactured and tested to the highest national and international standards. Trespa provides architects, designers, installers and users with innovative, aesthetically pleasing and high performance solutions to meet specifications for almost any building application.

Trespa International sets out to deliver effective architectural solutions through the production, sale and marketing of high quality decorative panels. Innovation in product and application are key factors. As one of the global market leaders in high-pressure laminates, (HPL) Trespa employs two proprietary technologies and produces a number of distinct product lines:

  • Trespa Meteon,
  • TrespaECO-FIBRE

Quality is at the heart of all Trespa’s activities: from the manufacturing process to the development of new products and applications. Trespa offer a range of Scientific Surface Solutions which are represented via the following three product lines, under the name TOPLAB®: TOPLAB®BASE, TOPLAB®VERTICAL and TOPLAB®PLUS. All three product lines are optimised for use in functional and laboratory environments. All products meet highest requirements in industry, research and education.

VIVALDA supplies all Trespa Internal and External cladding panels including:

Trespa Meteon, Trespa Internal Cladding (TopLab plus and Eco-fibre), Trespa Universal Colours, Trespa Metallics, Trespa Wood Décors, Trespa Pura, Trespa Naturals. We also supply the Trespa range of Scientific Surface Solutions which are represented under the umbrella brand: TOPLAB. This includes: Trespa TOPLAB®VERTICAL, Trespa TOPLAB®ECO-FIBRE, Trespa TOPLAB®PLUS and Trespa TOPLAB®BASE.