Fabrication Services

VIVALDA's in-house fabrication facility can shape, drill, bevel, cut and finish to almost any specification.

Panels requiring edge finishes face grooving, accurate pre-drilling of holes or duct cut outs can be fabricated using the latest software and technology available on VIVALDA’s range of CNC machines. They can cut the most intricate designs or shapes using computer aided software to minimal engineering tolerances. VIVALDA can also import customers’ own designs or drawings in the correct format.

The CNC machine’s multifunctionality makes for extremely flexible applications which means accurate & efficient production.

Once set up, the machines can repeat accurately any pattern or shape whilst requiring minimal machinist level intervention. This maximises efficiency in production runs of all sizes. CNC machining also enhances the accuracy and consistency of the manufacturing process. VIVALDA CNC staff can process recurring orders with speed and accuracy; repeat orders are a simple matter of pulling previous fixtures already in storage and up-loading CAD files saved from previous production runs.

VIVALDA is committed to providing superior service to its customers. Whether it be bringing their concept to life or breathing life into an existing product, it is its goal to provide customers with the parts they need in the time frame they specify. The computerised router allows VIVALDA staff to do that by giving very accurate production time estimates based on feeds and speeds of material removal and tool RPM. The professional staff of design engineers and product specialists is dedicated to working closely with customers to help develop innovative products with the highest requirements for quality and precision.