Composite Panels

VIVALDA's specialist production centres across the country can manufacture bespoke composite products for a variety of applications.

Since 1999, VIVALDA have been producing high quality, durable composite panels for the construction and glazing industries. Our specialist production centre has the capabilities to manufacture bespoke composite panels to suit an extensive range of specifications.

Composite panels are used in glazing systems or curtain walls to provide thermal insulation properties. The process is essentially the bonding of two components either side of a core, to achieve a thicker panel. VIVALDA pride themselves on being the specialist composite panel providers, distributing across the UK and Ireland. All of our staff have vast
experience in working with a diverse product range, with a variety of core materials to meet specific U-value requirements. Our technical support team can offer assistance with selecting the correct specification and additionally provide assistance on site.

Our range of equipment and machinery allows our expert production team to create bespoke composite panels to exacting size and shape requirements. This includes fabricating welded and dressed trays to achieve specific U-value thermal requirements, and corner panels that can be shaped to varying angles. Depending on the material used, applications of composite panels are diverse and can include infill panels, fascias and soffits, window cills, flashing and trims, curtain walling, patent glazing, plus overcladding, balcony and balustrades.

Our extensive machinery and modern equipment includes;

  • Computer operated CNC routers
  • Beam saws
  • Guillotines
  • Vacuum presses
  • Pressbrakes

All types of composite panels are made to the highest degree of accuracy, including high pressure laminate, aluminium, stone aggregate GRP, colour coated steel or leathergrain plastisol. VIVALDA also offer fixings, accessories and give independent advice for every composite panel requirement.

VIVALDA fabricates all composite panels including:

  • Glass Reinforced Plastic
  • Stone Aggregate
  • High Pressure Laminate
  • Leathergrain Plastisol
  • PPC Aluminium

VIVALDA also provide a wide range of insulation core materials, and we can advise you on the best insulative product in order to meet specific U value requirements. Our range of insulation core materials include Polyfoam, Phenolic, Lamella (non-combustible mineral fibre), Polyisocyanurate and Polyurethane.

All our panels are factory produced to the highest standards with regular inspections at each stage of the manufacturing process. VIVALDA’s commitment to quality inspection and high standards in the production environment means our composite panels leave our site in excellent condition, ready for installation.

For your reassurance, VIVALDA offers a 10 year warranty on the bonding process, to cover against delamination. For each component element of the composite panel, depending on the material used, the component manufacturer warranty will apply. Please speak to your VIVALDA representative when enquiring.

Fire Guidance
A composite panel is a component part of the glazing system and as such, has not been tested for fire behaviours. Contact VIVALDA for more advice in relation to fire guidance.

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Composite Panels

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) offers a choice of colours and finishes to suit a wide range of composite panel applications.

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Polyester Powder Coated (PPC) Aluminium Composite Panels

Colour options are truly endless with PPC aluminium panels, with finishing options available in matt, satin or gloss.

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Plastisol - colour coated steel composite panel

Plastisol offers a high quality, long lasting finish with up to 40 years life expectancy and properties such as high durability and abrasion resistance. The 200 micron-thick embossed plastic coating is available in a wide range of non-metallic colours and suitable for all types of buildings, in coastal and inland locations.

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Stone Aggregate Composite Panels

Stone aggregate is a glass reinforced polyester resin architectural wall panel built up to provide a surface finish of natural stone, suitable for both internal and external wall cladding applications.

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