NVELOPE® Thermal Solutions

Utilising its UK Patent Pending technology SFS have been able to create a high performing solution that guards against thermal degradation due to compression of the thermal pad, ensuring no loss in thermal performance. This combined with the bracket material of Aluminium or stainless-steel ensures that a full range of tailored solutions can be created for any project.

Thermal performance and heat loss

The NVELOPE® rainscreen support brackets, primary fixings, rails and carriers are an integral part of the Rainscreen Cladding build up and their impact on heat loss in the construction plays a key role.

As dwellings have become better insulated, the importance of thermal bridging has increased. In very well insulated dwellings, the effect that thermal bridging can have on the overall thermal performance of a dwelling can be significant.


  • 4 ranges across many NVELOPE® rainscreen sub-frame systems
  • Range includes aluminium and stainless-steel brackets
  • Non-compressible thermal pad reduces thermal performance gap
  • Thermal insulation bonded to the bracket to save on installation time
  • Good to exceptional thermal performance
  • Part of Project Builder software

Fire Safety:

All NVELOPE® aluminium and stainless-steel brackets are de-fined as Euroclass A1 Non-Combustible EC Directive – 94/611/EC. The Thermal pad has an A2 Non-Combustible Euro classification.


NVELOPE® VB/HB aluminium brackets are supplied with a green plastic ‘isolator’ which offers a degree of thermal benefit. However, its principal function is to eliminate any potential of galvanic corrosion between masonry and aluminium substrates.

NVELOPE® VB/HB + Thermal

Whilst strong and easy to install aluminium is very thermally conductive e.g. > 200 W/mk. Therefore, the thermal point loss affects can be significant when aluminium brackets are utilised depending on the combination of various elements within the rainscreen build-up.

The NVELOPE® VB/HB + Thermal range includes an insulation pad at the base of the bracket. This dramatically improves the thermal performance of the rainscreen of the rainscreen build-up.


For greater performance SFS have recently introduced a complete range of stainless-steel brackets to complement NVELOPE® vertical aluminium ranges. NVELOPE®’s stainless steel range is made from superior 316 grade which exhibits far greater resistance to localised corrosion in marine and in contact with atmospheric pollution found in most built up environments. Stainless steel will demonstrate a much-improved increase in thermal performance. Typically, stainless steel if approximately 16 W/m/K. This represents a 12-x thermal improvement over and above aluminium. Additionally, stainless steel brackets have no requirement to utilise an isolator to alleviate galvanic corrosion.

NVELOPE® NVS + Thermal

For optimum thermal performance NVELOPE® NVS + Thermal is the ideal choice. It offers the combined benefits of high thermal performancewith high corrosion resistance for costal environments. Where rainscreen build up designs prescribe demanding thermal solutions, the option could offer the ideal high-performance answer!


The NVELOPE® range is made up of brackets and rails in various configurations to suit your application. All systems are available in aluminium, and all systems can be supplied with the insulation pad for enhanced thermal performance. Most systems are also available with stainless steel brackets to improve thermal capabilities even further.

NV1 NV1 is the NVELOPE® back frame – vertical cladding applications. A/SS
NV2 NV2 is suitable for concealed fix cladding applications – structural bond (ie. Sika Sikatack Panel System) A/SS
NV3 NV3 is the NVELOPE® system for concealed fix/mechanically fixed applications. A/SS
NV4 NV4 (ts200) is the NVELOPE® system for concealed fix/mechanically fixed applications – vertical cladding applications. A/SS
NV5 NV5 (ts300) is the NVELOPE® system for concealed fix applications – vertical cladding applications (Trespa Meteon HPL Only). A/SS
NV6 NV6 is the NVELOPE® system for supporting a timber batten – vertical cladding applications (to support vertical and/or horizontal cladding elements). A/SS
NV7 NV7 is the NVELOPE® system for secret fix cassette (ACM/zinc/aluminium) – vertical cladding applications. A/SS
NV8 NV8 is the NVELOPE® system for concealed fix/mechanically fixed and structurally bonded applications. A/SS
NVF2F NVF2F is the NVELOPE® back frame – vertical floor to floor cladding applications. A
NH3 NH3 is the NVELOPE® system used to support horizontal elements. A

A – System available in aluminium
SS – Brackets available in stainless steel



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