Parklex's work and dedication in development and production are combined to offer a product that meets the standards of even the most demanding projects.

Parklex exterior decorative wood venner panels offer arguably the most beautiful natural woodgrain finish available. The grain differential offers a natural warmth that plays with the external light as the day progresses.

All Parklex products are subjected to different production processes which is dependant on its final application: e.g. interiors, exteriors, damp areas, etc. The base is always made of high-density laminated wood with a paper fibre core that has been treated with thermosetting resins and compressed at high pressure and temperature. The surface is made from 100% natural wood, treated according to its application: to resist special weather conditions or to resist the intensive use it might receive in interiors. Perfect adaptation to the project design is an essential requirement. That’s why the technology used to manufacture Parklex allows us to apply different finishes, all in natural wood, to integrate them completely into the environment that is required for each project. The variety of finishes and colours in natural and dyed panels sets Parklex apart as a result of its versatility, making it the ideal covering for any type of project.