Game of Thrones Studio Tour in Banbridge, Country Down is a unique showcase for the fantasy drama, as well as high performance facades.


Fibre cement cladding does not often share the stage with dragons, white walkers or marauding armies from the frozen north, but that is exactly the case at the Game of Thrones Studio Tour, where Equitone Tectiva TE10 in linen greets visitors to this unique attraction is Northern Ireland.

Opened in February 2022, the Game of Thrones visitors’ centre has already welcomed thousands of fans into the fantasy world of George RR Martin. However, those with a keen eye for stylish, natural cladding will have noticed the 8mm Equitone cladding which is used extensively on the exterior of the main entrance.

Vivalda Ireland was responsible for supplying and cutting the 650m2 of non-flammable rainscreen cladding which was specified by architects McAdam Design to

fit in with the timeless theme of the Game of Thrones Studio Tour experience.

Darren Bowden, branch manager at Vivalda Ireland, said: “Given the significant footfall and cultural importance of this building, it was imperative that we cut each and every fibre cement board to exacting standards. Using our offsite CNC cutting technology, we were able to achieve tolerances within 0.5mm, enabling the installers to create a really smart finished building.

“The project also required straight through drilled holes for rivet fixing and undercut holes for secret fixing, which added further complexity to the job.

“Vivalda worked very closely with the installer on this project, Thornton Roofing, suggesting multiple products from our extensive range. The facade was originally supposed to be rendered on this project, but after many conversations between contractors and architects, Equitone was the chosen material.

“The Equitone product is ideal for this type of architectural application, as it looks like classic stone, but is lightweight and easy to install. Given its natural, all-through fibre cement material, the cladding is hardwearing and easy to clean – which will look great for many years to come.”