VIVALDA Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Policy

We see our Corporate Responsibility as "the management of economic, environmental and social responsibilities to benefit our suppliers, customers and employees".

As a company VIVALDA aims to:

  1. Meet all clients’ expectations.
  2. Ensure the safety and health of the workforce and others.
  3. Engage with communities and those affected by VIVALDA activities.
  4. Protect the environment.
  5. Ensure the long term financial stability of our staff, customers and suppliers.

By working towards “a sustainable future”, VIVALDA aims to ensure the long-term success of the business by contributing economically, environmentally and socially across our regions of sales and operations.



By their nature, insulated and weather resistant panels provide a positive benefit to the environment by reducing the need of heating fuels and air-conditioned areas thanks to their heat insulation properties.



VIVALDA maximises the recovery process regarding waste by recycling pallets and raw materials. This process is also pursued on a more corporate basis: all staff members are involved in those everyday small things such as the usage of recycled paper in the office, the effort to reduce CO2 emission by grouping deliveries and by using eco-friendly fleet cars. We communicate by e-mail and not paper. We recycle bottles and cards. Our staff travel by public transport whenever possible.


Partners and Suppliers

VIVALDA encourages and monitors key partners and suppliers to attain and maintain recognised standards of environmental protection. Please refer to the manufacturer’s website for full details, or contact a member of the VIVALDA team to find out more.


Waste Disposal and Recycling

VIVALDA sets environmental improvement targets and continuously assess the environmental effects of its products – cladding panels, fireproof and building boards, composite panels and accessories. This applies to both resources and energy consumption during the production process as well as the final impact on the environment.

VIVALDA is committed to pollution prevention and takes action in order to minimize the impact of dust, smoke, noise and traffic pollution. We recycle all wooden pallets by collecting from site and re-using them.



The VIVALDA transport fleet is eco-friendly, sitting in the bottom two CO2 emission bandings. The VIVALDA staff car share wherever possible and use public transport for sales appointments and customer meetings.



All manufacturer certificates can be viewed or requested via their websites. Alternatively please contact a member of the VIVALDA staff for more details.


Internal Communication

All VIVALDA employees are made aware of these policies through training and formal internal audits conducted at least once a year.