Vivalda Group supports Macmillan’s fight against asbestos

Vivalda Group, the UK’s largest independent supplier of non-combustible cladding, has raised over £1,000 for cancer charity Macmillan. The business voted in 2020 to support deserving charities instead of sending corporate gifts at Christmas. In addition to a corporate donation, numerous fundraising events were organised by Vivalda branches across the UK and Ireland.

The money donated by Vivalda will be used by Macmillan to support people living with cancer as well as conditions such as asbestos, which still affects many former workers in the construction industry. Macmillan helps them to better cope with issues such as wellbeing, money, family and work. The charity helps people with managing symptoms and offers advice on financial management during treatment. It can also provide training for employers to support people back to work.

Thanking Vivalda, the charity said: “With your support, people get the energy and inspiration to feel more like themselves. To put your donation in context every £1,000 we spend on our phone service could lead to our welfare rights advisers on our Macmillan Support Line helping people affected by cancer to claim £35,528 in benefits they are entitled to. Thank you again for being part of the Macmillan team!”

Peter Johnson, chairman of Vivalda is delighted to have supported such a worthy cause. He said: “I started in this industry over 41 years ago when asbestos-based materials were predominant in the building board sector. My first job involved cutting noxious panels intended for use in the base of everyday household greenhouses. Of course, our understanding of this material and its dangers, have all moved on since then, but I know of at least two of my former colleagues who have subsequently died well before their time of asbestos related cancers”.

“Given the circumstances it seemed only right and proper that Vivalda Group’s 2020/21 donation should go to the charity which is at the forefront of looking after the victims of asbestos inhalation – Macmillan.”