Aluminium Composite Materials

Aluminium Composite Material is the ideal facade choice for buildings to create a contemporary design concept.

Aluminium cladding is the ideal choice for buildings with a contemporary design concept.

Aluminium composite or ACM material is a type of cladding made from two faces of aluminium bonded to a central dark neoprene core. It is becoming the ideal choice for buildings with a contemporary design concept where budget is of utmost importance. ACM is available in a varied range of metallic and powder coated colours. Metallic facades can be bespoke and tailored to the project thanks to their unlimited colour and finish possibilities. Furthermore, this type of fa├žade is not just attractive, but also very functional, proving excellent weather protection to any project. ACM provides a cost effective external cladding solution and compares well cost-wise to HPL’s or other metallic options such as Core Ten or Zinc.

Aluminium cladding is durable, hygienic, lightweight, low maintenance and recyclable. ACM is a popular choice in the industry, due to its flexibility and ease of fabrication. It is impervious to termites and other insects, and because it allows the wall to ‘breathe’, there is a very low risk of leaking. Aluminium composite cladding can be fitted with insulation on the back or underneath in order to improve its energy efficiency.
ACM cladding can be combined with other materials, such as stone, timber or cement and is a great option for insightful and imaginative architects and engineers. The colours and finishes include a metallic finish, a zinc finish, a core ten finish and an aluminium oxide version which looks like raw aluminium but with a weather proof coating. The metallic finish is most popular as they are the closest to natural looking aluminium material. It is important to note that aluminium composite cladding has a grained surface like most metals and can therefore be batch sensitive. The colours, especially the metallics range, are to be installed in a directional manner to ensure the grain flows in the same direction.
VIVALDA supply the leading brands of aluminium composite cladding. ACM has earned a reputation in the industry as a quality, long lasting aluminium composite panel which is available in over 60 colours and finishes. Larson is another premium ACM brand available in an extensive and varied range of colours and finishes.