Composite Panel Products

VIVALDA manufacture composite panels from our specialist manufacturing centre in Hull. We bond panels in various products including aluminium to laminate to a core insulation board to create thicker panels with improved thermal performance. These are commonly used with and around windows or in areas requiring a thicker façade panel for various reasons.

Glass Reinforced Plastic.
GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) is a durable, strong and versatile product which can be used in many applications where conventional materials cannot meet required specifications such as fire ratings, impact resistance and weight considerations. Glass Reinforced Plastic combines hundreds of glass strands with pigmented thermosetting UV resins. GRP composite panels have three surface finish options: Smooth, Leatherette crinkle, and Deep crinkle. Available in B.S and RAL colours and variable thicknesses. 

Main applications: curtain wall systems, balcony panels, fascia panels, insulated sandwich panels, shelters and modular buildings

High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
HPL composite panels have integrated decorative surfaces with pigmented resins, cured by electron beams, to give an excellent product with freeze and moisture resistant properties.

Main applications: overcladdings, exterior and fascia cladding, balcony and soffit panels, sandwich panels, signage boards and balustrades.  

Stone Aggregate
Stone aggregate is a glass reinforced polyester resin architectural wall panel built up to provide a surface finish of natural stone, suitable for both internal and external wall cladding applications. Panels are chemical and rot proof with class 0 fire resistance.

Main applications: infill panels, curtain walls, over cladding, patent cladding

PPC Aluminium
PPC aluminium is a cost effective way of manufacturing external composite panels that will not only look great, but also offer durability. Panels are designed to specification and flashing and cover trims are available to match.

Main applications: sandwich panels, curtain walling, specific U-value requirements, flashings, trims and patent glazing

Leathergrain Plastisol
Offering not just colour diversity but also texture variety, Leathergrain Plastisol composite panels have the appearance and surface feel of leather. With excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion and class 1 surface spread of flame, these composite panels are thermally efficient. Where specific U-Values are required Leathergrain Plastisol can be formed into a stepped or rebated composite panel for improved thermal efficiency. Leathergrain Plastisol composite panels can easily be fabricated to cover over unsightly structures such as steel columns.

Main applications: sandwich panels, curtain walling, flashings, trims and patent glazing, partitions, garage doors and heating and ventilation

Main Advantages

  • UV resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Impact resistant
  • Variety of colours
  • Economical and long lasting

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